Dimitri McCloghry Profile

Flagler College senior Dimitri McCloghry is an athlete, a poet, and his lived all around the world.

“My father was a Kernel in the Air Force when I was a kid so we moved quite frequently. I was born In Athens, Greece, but my family currently resides in Sumter, South Carolina.”

McCloghry has also lived in places like Germany, Virginia, and New Hampshire. He moved from Greece to the US when he was only two years old, but he still visits Athens regularly.

21-year-old McCloghry lives in downtown St Augustine during the school year and is an English major at Flagler with a minor in creative writing.

“ I was originally going to major in music because I play the piano, but one day I asked my self: Is this really what I want to do? And the answer was no. I choose English as my major because I’m interested in it and it could lead to a good job.

McCloghry believes that a degree in liberal arts is worthless and that it is important to chose a specific path in your education. He explained that he was interested in history and philosophy, but didn’t think either of them would lead to an occupation he would enjoy.

Although McCloghry is currently a senior a Flagler, it’s not where he started his college career. As a freshman McCloghry attended Brevard College in South Carolina.  At Brevard, McCloghry was a member of the soccer team. He is very passionate about soccer, but after a while college soccer became more like a job and he got burned out and decided to stop playing.

When asked why he decided to transfer McCloghry explained he needed a change of scenery. One of his soccer buddies was transferring to Flagler so he decided to look into it and ended up applying, getting accepted, and transferring schools.

McCloghry played college soccer, but also enjoys playing sports like basketball, and is recently getting into ping-pong.

“ I like ping-pong because all you have to do is concentrate on the ball. It lets you forget about whatever else is going on in your life for a while.”

Fellow Flagler College student Melisa Schmidt says, “ Dimitri is a very cool guy. He speaks Greek and also writes fantastic poetry.”

Flagler Student Joe Monterio is also close with McCloghry and said he is one of his best friends. “Dimitri is irreplaceable.” Monterio said. “He is very polite and he takes his school work very seriously.”

McCloghry is an only child, but he has always had a dog around the house. He has had three dogs in his lifetime.

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Birth Control Trend

Will going off your birth control make you fall out of love with your partner?

There are many kinds of contraceptives out there that are designed to prevent pregnancy, but the most effective is the oral contraceptive. According to suppliers, birth control works 99.7 percent of the time when used properly.

And although birth control works to prevent pregnancy rather quickly, a woman’s body will take a long time to adjust to the pill. Birth control contains serious hormones that prevent ovulation from occurring.  Many women complain of physical symptoms like bloating and cramps, but a lot of women also suffer from emotional symptoms like depression and mood swings. These symptoms may prove to be the source of relationship issues.

Moodiness is one of the most common side affects of birth control because of all the changes the body makes due to the added hormones. Some women say it could take up to 5 months before they start feeling completely normal again. Since birth control is a long-term solution to avoid accidental pregnancy, most women won’t go off the pill until they are married and trying to have a baby.

Is it possible that birth control could change your mood or personality to the point that going off the pill would make you a different person? Its scary to think about because by the time most woman go off their birth control they will most likely be married. Therefore, what happens when you are all of the sudden not attracted to your husband? This could be a contributing factor to the increasing divorce rate.

Katie Russell, 20, doesn’t think going off of her birth control was the reason she broke up with her boyfriend.

“I was on birth control for like 2 years and then I went off of it for like 6 months, and I didn’t want to have sex with my boyfriend when I went off the pill at all, but I think that’s just cause we weren’t right for each other, not because I went off my birth control.”

22-year-old Kelsey Jungfer doesn’t buy it either. She refuses to believe that there is any medication you could go on or come off of that would change the way you feel about your partner.

“It definitely affects you physically, your boobs get bigger and you feel fatter, but I don’t see how there’s any way that being on or off birth control changes how you feel about someone. It’s not an intense medication; it doesn’t alter your personality.”

Although both Katie and Kelsey don’t think personality change is possible, it could be the long-term use of the medication among more mature users that is causing the major changes. When you are used to being on a medication that puts you in a certain mood, you could adapt to this state of mind.  If treatment were to come to an abrupt end, it could change the way you think or feel about certain things or people, such as your husband or boyfriend.

25-year-old Shea Stevenson expressed some concern in the possibility of this occurring in the future.

“I have been on birth control for 6 years now, so my boyfriend of 2 years has only really known me when I have been on the pill. I wouldn’t say going off the pill would change my personality, but I know for me personally it severely affects my mood and the chance of it causing stress on my relationship once I stop taking it is a possibility.”

The side affects are different for everyone and more or less extreme, but there is no real way to tell how going off birth control will affect you until you stop taking it yourself. Just as the side affects are different for everyone the possible relationship complications will vary for each couple.

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Drug Testing State Employees

Is requiring random drug tests in order to be employed by the state of Florida against your constitutional rights?

Rick Scott, Governor of Tallahassee, Florida has signed a bill allowing the random drug testing of state workers. The governor’s office announced the signing of the bill late Monday night after work hours. Scott had tried to mandate drug testing for state employees in the past once before, but it was suspended due to a court challenge.

The new law is said to most likely generate several lawsuits. Legal scholars are saying that randomly drug testing state employees goes directly against the United States constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. Thus separating state employment requirements from that of a privately owned business, who have the right to decide if the random drug testing of their employees is necessary.

The fourth amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated; and no Warrants shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

This being in place, is drug testing a presumably innocent employee against the security of his person without probable cause as protected by the fourth Amendment?

66-year-old Palm Coast tollbooth employee, George Whelan, says that he doesn’t mind if the state of Florida mandates drug testing for their employees.

“I think drug testing will keep honest workers in the system. If you have nothing to hide… what’s the big deal?”

On Tuesday Scott told most state agencies to hold off on applying the bill he signed Monday night until the state can sort out a legal dispute with the Civil Liberties Union.

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Cody Kassleman Profile

Art student Cody Kassleman, 20,  loves to eat, cook and have sex and seems to be brutally honest about it.

“I mean food and sex are pretty similar I feel like for me at least, ya know?” she told me. “I get cravings for them both, but like very specific cravings, and then I get it and it’s great but then I’m kind of over it for a while, I’m full ya know?”

Kassleman was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. She has a younger sister Kara who is 16 years old and describes her life at home as ‘cool and quiet’. Kassleman is a student at NYU with a double major in fine arts and graphic design.

“I decided to major in fine arts because I wasn’t very good at anything else. I was always into my coloring books as a kid instead of dolls or whatever.  Even as I grew up I was always drawing in my notebooks. I never paid much attention in class.”

Kassleman lives in a two-bedroom apartment in lower east side of Manhattan near Union Square with 21-year-old New York City native Mariah Honecker. Honecker says that Kassleman is the perfect roommate.

“She’s really OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about things so our apartment is always really clean and she is obsessed with cooking so she always makes the best dinners for us, I love it.”

Kassleman explained outside of art, cooking is one of her biggest hobbies. She said she loves to experiment with different foods and mixing spices and sauces in different recipes.

“Well, I like to eat a lot so it’s a good skill to have. I’ve gotten pretty good at it too over the years. Mariah definitely appreciates it and we have friends over for dinner almost every week. Its cool to see people who enjoy my cooking as much as I do.”

When asked what she wanted to do with her major in the future, she explained that she wanted to work for a company on their ad campaigns.

“I’ve always been fascinated with commercials and advertising and what appeals to the general public creatively in the idea of what’s going to hook them, but also ascetically in the looks of the final product.”

Kassleman also uses her skills in art in her personal paintings. She paints in her free time, sometimes at the request of friends or friends of friends and has even sold some of her paintings for as much as $100.

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