Cody Kassleman Profile

Art student Cody Kassleman, 20,  loves to eat, cook and have sex and seems to be brutally honest about it.

“I mean food and sex are pretty similar I feel like for me at least, ya know?” she told me. “I get cravings for them both, but like very specific cravings, and then I get it and it’s great but then I’m kind of over it for a while, I’m full ya know?”

Kassleman was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. She has a younger sister Kara who is 16 years old and describes her life at home as ‘cool and quiet’. Kassleman is a student at NYU with a double major in fine arts and graphic design.

“I decided to major in fine arts because I wasn’t very good at anything else. I was always into my coloring books as a kid instead of dolls or whatever.  Even as I grew up I was always drawing in my notebooks. I never paid much attention in class.”

Kassleman lives in a two-bedroom apartment in lower east side of Manhattan near Union Square with 21-year-old New York City native Mariah Honecker. Honecker says that Kassleman is the perfect roommate.

“She’s really OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) about things so our apartment is always really clean and she is obsessed with cooking so she always makes the best dinners for us, I love it.”

Kassleman explained outside of art, cooking is one of her biggest hobbies. She said she loves to experiment with different foods and mixing spices and sauces in different recipes.

“Well, I like to eat a lot so it’s a good skill to have. I’ve gotten pretty good at it too over the years. Mariah definitely appreciates it and we have friends over for dinner almost every week. Its cool to see people who enjoy my cooking as much as I do.”

When asked what she wanted to do with her major in the future, she explained that she wanted to work for a company on their ad campaigns.

“I’ve always been fascinated with commercials and advertising and what appeals to the general public creatively in the idea of what’s going to hook them, but also ascetically in the looks of the final product.”

Kassleman also uses her skills in art in her personal paintings. She paints in her free time, sometimes at the request of friends or friends of friends and has even sold some of her paintings for as much as $100.


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I am a 20 year old student at Flagler College in St Augustine Florida. I am an English major with a creative writing minor. I love to read, and write creative fiction stories. I am also very interested in film. On my spare time, I play sports, surf, and sleep.
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