Dimitri McCloghry Profile

Flagler College senior Dimitri McCloghry is an athlete, a poet, and his lived all around the world.

“My father was a Kernel in the Air Force when I was a kid so we moved quite frequently. I was born In Athens, Greece, but my family currently resides in Sumter, South Carolina.”

McCloghry has also lived in places like Germany, Virginia, and New Hampshire. He moved from Greece to the US when he was only two years old, but he still visits Athens regularly.

21-year-old McCloghry lives in downtown St Augustine during the school year and is an English major at Flagler with a minor in creative writing.

“ I was originally going to major in music because I play the piano, but one day I asked my self: Is this really what I want to do? And the answer was no. I choose English as my major because I’m interested in it and it could lead to a good job.

McCloghry believes that a degree in liberal arts is worthless and that it is important to chose a specific path in your education. He explained that he was interested in history and philosophy, but didn’t think either of them would lead to an occupation he would enjoy.

Although McCloghry is currently a senior a Flagler, it’s not where he started his college career. As a freshman McCloghry attended Brevard College in South Carolina.  At Brevard, McCloghry was a member of the soccer team. He is very passionate about soccer, but after a while college soccer became more like a job and he got burned out and decided to stop playing.

When asked why he decided to transfer McCloghry explained he needed a change of scenery. One of his soccer buddies was transferring to Flagler so he decided to look into it and ended up applying, getting accepted, and transferring schools.

McCloghry played college soccer, but also enjoys playing sports like basketball, and is recently getting into ping-pong.

“ I like ping-pong because all you have to do is concentrate on the ball. It lets you forget about whatever else is going on in your life for a while.”

Fellow Flagler College student Melisa Schmidt says, “ Dimitri is a very cool guy. He speaks Greek and also writes fantastic poetry.”

Flagler Student Joe Monterio is also close with McCloghry and said he is one of his best friends. “Dimitri is irreplaceable.” Monterio said. “He is very polite and he takes his school work very seriously.”

McCloghry is an only child, but he has always had a dog around the house. He has had three dogs in his lifetime.


About pfox1829

I am a 20 year old student at Flagler College in St Augustine Florida. I am an English major with a creative writing minor. I love to read, and write creative fiction stories. I am also very interested in film. On my spare time, I play sports, surf, and sleep.
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